ORION Wholesale launches new series of intimate care products

ORION Wholesale is launching a new series of high-quality intimate care products. The new series is called SEDORY and the first products to be released are three products for men and one for women:

The “Sedory Penis XXL Massage Cream” (80 ml) contains jojoba oil, vitamin E and ginkgo and is therefore the perfect daily care for the penis.

The “Sedory Longtime Lover Penis Care Spray” (15 ml) with moisturising aloe vera and ginkgo should be sprayed onto the penis just before sex and should be washed off afterwards.

The “Sedory Longtime Lover Penis Care Wipes” (Pack of 10) are soaked in Sedory Longtime Lover Penis Spray and should be used to wipe the surface of the penis just before sex.

The “Sedory Orgasm Intimate Massage Gel” (15 ml) can enhance the intense feelings when having an orgasm during sex. A small amount should be applied onto the clitoris to intensify the stimulation.

All SEDORY products are available in eye-catching primary and secondary packaging.