ORION Wholesale:  New Restraint Sets from BAD KITTY  

Four new high-quality restraint sets have now been added to ORION Wholesale’s extensive BDSM assortment from Bad Kitty. They are perfect for open-minded couples who are eager to experiment and bring more variety into their love life.
The ‘Door / Bed Restraints’ will turn any door or bed into a professional bondage playground – whether it’s being used at home or when traveling. The set contains 2 long straps, 1 waist strap and 4 cuffs (handcuffs and ankle cuffs). The adjustable, tear-proof straps fit around any mattress or door. The adjustable waist strap, handcuffs and ankle cuffs can be attached to the six clip fasteners on the two straps. The comfortable handcuffs and ankle cuffs have practical hook and loop fasteners which means that they can be worn by anyone.  

The ‘Hand / Belly Restraint’ is perfect for quick and effective bondage because it restrains the hands in front of the stomach, at the back or at either side of the body. The waist strap and handcuffs are softly padded and can be adjusted with the hook and loop fasteners. The handcuffs are hooked onto the waist strap’s 4 rings with their snap hooks – either onto the middle rings or onto the ones at either side. The removable handcuffs can also be used individually. 

The ‘Neck Restraint Set’ combines a neck restraint (with a connection strap) with handcuffs and a waist strap. The tear-proof connection strap has 9 D-rings. The adjustable handcuffs can be attached to the D-rings with the snap hooks. The adjustable waist strap with a practical clip fastener is pulled through the bottom loop of the connection strap. The neck restraint and handcuffs are slightly padded and can be adjusted with the hook and loop fasteners.  

The sex swing ‘Door Swing’ can be attached quickly and no assembly is required either. The sex swing is simply hung over an open door and kept in place with its sturdy wooden stoppers by closing the door. There is a seat strap and adjustable loops for the hands and feet. All the straps and loops are made out of tear-proof woven material.  

All the products from Bad Kitty are high-quality and a great value for money. They are also modern and cheeky which makes them perfect for beginners wanting to try out this special world of passion. The attractive packaging will also whet appetites too.