ORION Wholesale: New sex toys from ‘Black Velvets’ for anal pleasure

New sex toys for anal pleasure from ‘Black Velvets’ are now available at ORION Wholesale. These three butt plugs can all be controlled via remote control but each one is special and different on the inside: the ‘Vibrating Plug’ provides pleasure with its powerful 7 vibration modes, the ‘Shaking Plug’ stimulates the anus with its 7 pulsation modes and the ‘Rotating Plug’ has numerous small rotating beads in the shaft to create unbelievable stimulation with 7 rotation modes. All three plugs are approx. 14 cm high and have a diameter of 2.5 to 4.3 cm. They are made out of black silicone and have a velvety surface which becomes even smoother when used in combination with a water-based lubricant. All sex toys from ‘Black Velvets’ are delivered in high-quality cardboard packaging that also has a description of the product in various languages on it as well.