Small but effective products to increase sales at ORION Wholesale

ORION Wholesale is offering a large selection of promotional products from You2Toys: practical sex toys like penis loops, cock rings, masturbators, love balls, nipple clamps and vibrators that can fit in a handbag. They come in a space-saving but promotional aluminium bag. They can be placed on the shop counter as additional products or be included in the delivery when a customer orders something online – therefore increasing sales. These products are best suited to be used as giveaways.

ORION Wholesale has extended the assortment of these articles because of high demand from retailers. An overview of the products can be found at their website. Just go to the menu, select “Specials” and then click on the “Giveaways” category. For orders and further information please contact ORION Wholesale, Mr Hauke Christiansen, phone 0049-461-5040 210, fax 0049-461-5040 244, e-mail: