ORION Wholesale: The realistic products from Medical Silicone now also with vibration

The realistic dildos ‘Medical Silicone’ from YOU2TOYS are lifelike penis replicas that are waterproof. They have a strong suction cup and large testicles as well. They are seamless, very flexible and bendy – for pure pleasure. This pleasure can be increased because there are now three different vibrator models with an additional function available. 

The ‘Medical Silicone Thrusting Vibe’ has a thrusting function as well as vibration. The ‘Medical Silicone Pulsation Vibe’ vibrates and pulsates. And the ‘Medical Silicone Rotating Vibe’ stands out because of its vibration and its rotating pearls. All the vibrators are attached to a remote control via a wire. The remote control can be used to adjust the 8 vibration modes.

The medical silicone is skin-friendly, odourless, easy to clean, hygienic and very durable. They are delivered in discreet packaging and there is a description of the product in ten languages on the packaging as well.