ORION Wholesale:  The sweetest ‘Cuties’ now also for anal pleasures 

Five new ‘Cuties’ for anal pleasures are now available at ORION Wholesale. These sweet mini toys are made of a pastel-coloured silicone with a Soft Touch texture. They are the perfect beginner plugs and can be discreetly hidden inside a handbag or under a pillow. They are conveniently small, light as a feather and offer a soft surface in different shapes and textures. They are also wonderfully flexible for extra easy insertion, have an optimal fit and offer an all-round comfortable feel. The wide, easy-to-grip base ensures safe anal use without slipping in. 

The following plugs of the popular ‘Cuties’ are available: 

Cuties Pug blue with a plump, tapered tip that easily reaches the prostate and provides targeted stimulation. 

Cuties Plug purple in a tapered design with a strongly grooved texture and slim, gentle tip. 

Cuties Plug rose in a classic, tapered design with a slim, gentle tip. 

Cuties Plug yellow  in a wide, tapered design with a slim, gentle tip 

Cuties Plug green in a tapered, beaded design with a slim, gentle tip. 

All the ‘Cuties’ are delivered in very soft, pastel-coloured cardboard packaging with a description of the product in various languages. The packaging can be stood up or hung up with the hanger in the middle.