ORION Wholesale: Two new sex toys from ‘Couples Choice’ for couples who like experimenting

ORION Wholesale had recently launched a new sex toy range – the ‘Couples Choice’ range from You2Toys. The elegant sex toys have been specifically developed for the needs of couples who want to spice up their love life a bit and who like experimenting. Two new sex toys from this range are available from ORION Wholesale. 

The ‘Vibrating Finger’ is perfect for vibrating foreplay fingering fun. The flexible double finger sleeve that includes an insertable vibro-bullet can be used in various ways. The battery-operated vibro-bullet can be inserted into one of the finger sleeves and the other sleeve can be placed over a finger. The vibrating fingering and stroking can begin as soon as the bullet’s 7 vibration modes have been turned on via the one button control. The soft touch texture means that the vibro-finger glides over the skin almost on its own – whether it’s being used for full-body stimulation or pleasure spot stimulation. The long finger can also be inserted into the vagina or anus which means that it can stimulate the G-spot or P-spot directly. 

The ‘Double Vibrator’ is perfect for vibrating solo pleasure or hot fun with a partner. The flexible double vibrator has a vibro-bullet at either end. Both ends can be inserted at the same time for solo fun. If you are having fun with a partner, you can each enjoy a vibro-bullet. The bullets can be inserted into the vagina or anus really easily because of their soft surface and narrow shape. The vibro-bullets can also be used to massage and stimulate external pleasure spots. The bullets also have 15 different vibration modes and the buttons can be used to make one end or both ends vibrate. The double vibrator can be recharged with the included USB cable.

All the sex toys in the ‘Couples Choice’ range from You2Toys are delivered in attractive packaging that can also be stood up or hung up in the store because of the hanger in the middle.