OTOUCH is announcing a new penis pump model

OTOUCH is glad to announce that its new model MACHO WORK 1 is under production now.

The OTOUCH MACHO WORK 1 is a luxury penis pump with a stepless suction function, which allows its user to find the most comfortable pressure easily. The penis pump has an vacuum pressure indicator light, and its color changes with the intensity of the vacuum pressure (Blue is the starting state, and red is the strongest). Single press the MACHO WORK button to start the suction and press again to pause the suction when the pressure reaches to your favorite level. Press the release button to discharge the negative vacuum pressure. This pump has a transparent tube which has metric and imperial scale so that users will have a good view of the desired result The MACHO WORK 1 also comes with two sizes of seal rings, so men can find the best size to get the utmost pleasure, and it is rechargeable

For more info, please send email to info@otouch.com or visit www.otouch.com