OTOUCH is releasing Bloom

The Netherlands is famous for tulips and windmills so when OTOUCH founder Chalim visited the country for the first time, he was attracted profoundly by such a view. After returning to Hong Kong, a sudden inspiration came up and he decided to contrive a sex toy, namely Bloom. The shape of Bloom was apparently derived from tulips, with petal-like handle and stem-like vibrator. In addition to its elegant appearance, Bloom also has a pragmatic design and diverse functions. The petal-like handle made of medical grade liquid silicone for example can greatly alleviate the vibrating feeling in hands. The toy is equipped with two type of accessories, the peak and the clamp, focusing on different sensitive points respectively. With the peak accessory, the Bloom can be used to please the clitoris and with the clamp accessory, the stimulation will comfort nipples with low-amplitude vibration. As a crucial functional merit of this toy, ultrasonic high-frequency will bring low-amplitude vibration, which serves as an even more joyful form of stimulation, the company says. The waterproof Bloom features a powerful but silent engine with 7 levels of vibration to suit every mood, preference, and activity.