OTOUCH unveils Lollipop

According to the OTOUCH way, both sweets and sex have the similar role for helping human beings attain love and joy. As a means to propagate the OTOUCH way, Lollipop, as the latest Vigor Series product, was created. As its name says, this product imitates the outline of lollipop, which is a type of sweets popular around the world.

Bright but not garish, the lollipop-like design also brings pragmatic functions. Different from prior OTOUCH products, Lollipop is actually a toy for females that is combining two types of stimulation, suction and pulsation. The top of this product can be stretched to touch the clitoris, then 6-level suction can be generated to stimulate. Meanwhile, the bottom component so-called Lollipop stick is a pulsation vibrator with a 6-level mode, that can be inserted into the vagina. Thetwo functions can operate simultaneously. The waterproof Lollipop is delivered with a Rechargeable Storage that supports the cruising capability of the product because it can store roughly 1000mAh of power which is enough to recharge the Lollipop for at least two times.