OXBALLS is releasing new products

OXBALLS announce five new additions to their growing line of boner–inducing toys. Now, men can score new and improved redesigns of some older, original cocksheath and sling designs, and some new fresh takes on OXBALLS’ styled c-rings and more… “We’re really stoked about our brand new PLUS+SILICONE composition. It combines the strength and stretch of OXBALLS’ FLEXtpr with the smooth, softness of our hand-poured Pure Platinum Silicone. It has been a huge hit with consumers, and so we wanted to get more toys made with this innovative material out for retailers,” Ryan Fraga, Director of Sales & Operations at Oxballs, says.

BALLSLING is a stretchy FLEXtpr sling that combines the shaft and sack gripping qualities of their best-selling COCKSLING-2 but with the addition of a thick, ball-splitting strap. It is a remake of OXBALLS best-selling SPLITSLING.

BUTCH is a stretchy, vein-covered sheath that melds to men’s meat and enhances their natural size and girth, combining OXBALLS COCKSLING-2 as its base, with a remake of OXBALLs’ best-selling cocksheath DUDE.

OXSLING – A brand new PLUS+SILICONE sling modeled after OXBALLS’ signature COCKSLING-2. OXSLING is a versatile-wear cocksling that’s reinforced with industrial looking pipe detailing.

BIG OX is a soft, thick ring that doubles as a package-enhancer or a fleshy, squishy ballstretcher.

GAUGE is a brand new SuperFLEXtpr c-ring inspired by pierced packages and jewelry.

OXBALLS’ blubbery PLUS+SILICONE BIG OX and padded SuperFLEXtpr GAUGE are additions to their package-packing, bulge-enhancing c-ring designs.