Pharmquest assortment

Pharmquests expands its collection with a new release

Pharmquests by Shots released several new additions to their assortment. One of their bestselling concepts, called FISTIT, now also comes in a new big jar with 1000ml of lube, as was requested by several retailers according to Shots. Pharmquests also introduced a Cannabis Massage Oil, which can help to relax the body and regenerate the natural flexibility of the skin. Also new is a personal vaginal moisturizer called Splashers which is intended to enhance, ease and comfort sex. It comes in a 20pcs and 40 pcs version.

The China Brush is another new product that was added to the collection. It features a small bottle with a brush attached to its cap and providing a numbing effect for a longer lasting erection. The Desensitize spray in a 50ml version was also added to the collection, a spray for postponing an orgasm. Also new is a 250ml version of Squirting Lube, which features a tip allowing direct insertion into the vagina.