Pipedream is shipping PDX Elite Ultimate Milker 2

Pipedream Products is shipping the PDX Elite Ultimate Milker 2, the second-generation 4-in-1 milking-machine that combines wall-banging gyrations, rotational sensations, and super powerful vibrations for the ultimate solo stroking-sessions! Prepare for sensory overload with a climactic combination of LED mood lights, breathy moans and groans, intense vibrations, and mesmerizing milking gyrations! With an adjustable, removeable suction cup mount providing improved accessibility, users can enjoy hands-free milking magic in the shower, under a table or desk, or on top of any flat surface. Once inside the crystal-clear TPE sleeve, users can watch themselves get bigger and stronger via the transparent viewing window, for the ultimate visual turn-on! 

The Ultimate Milker 2 is powered by PDX Elite’s exclusive Rotational Milker Masturbation Technology, an advanced ‘milking’ feature that allows the soft TPE cup to freely swirl and surround every inch of the user’s cock. Combined with deep, rumbly vibrations targeting the frenulum, the mega-milker’s circular milking motion produces explosive climaxes and powerful ejaculations every time. Unlike traditional mechanical strokers, the Ultimate Milker 2 simplifies the pleasure process by eliminating all internal tracks or rails from the inside of the hard plastic shell. Instead, the Ultimate Milker 2 is powered by a proprietary rotational motor that controls and gyrates the soft TPE sleeve, delivering a unique circular sensation that drives cocks crazy. Once inside the stretchy, gender-neutral opening, the supple TPE sleeve is lined with rows and ridges of textured ticklers and pleasure grooves. With separate controls for vibration, gyration, reversible rotation, and audio stimulation, the user is total control of each sensory experience–or go hands-free and put the Ultimate Milker 2 on autopilot!