Pipedream shipping new PDX Plus Butts in ‘all-inclusive’ skin tones

Pipedream Products is shipping four new Mega- Masturbators from their best-selling PDX Plus collection: PDX Plus Perfect 10 Booty and PDX Plus Perfect Ass XL Masturbator. Available in two styles and three seductive skin tones, the super-sculpted companions feature hyper realistic details, velvety-soft Fanta Flesh, and a pair of perfectly placed pleasure holes textured for backdoor bliss!

The big butts are Pipedream’s largest and heaviest table-top strokers in the PDX Plus collection, with the Perfect 10 Booty weighing over 6 kg and the Perfect Ass XL Masturbator checking in at over 5.5 kg. Both booties feature round cheeks and high-arched backsides, with anatomically correct placement of the two textured love tunnels, giving users the most realistic experience imaginable!

With lifelike skin textures, hand-sculpted designs and subtle airbrushed details, the proprietary Fanta Flesh TPE is super-soft and mimics the look and feel of real human skin! Smack it, slap it, and squeeze it– the ultra-realistic rump wiggles and jiggles and engulfs every inch with velvety-smooth Fanta Flesh!

Both butts come packaged in sturdy corrugated boxes with convenient carrying handles that give retailers the option to hang them from a peg or display them on a shelf. The beautiful boxes tastefully highlight the realism of the products and are free of any explicit imagery. Like all Pipedream brands, the PDX Plus collection is showcased in a stunning 22 SKU planogram for stores, complete with 3D header sign. For more information, contact your preferred Pipedream Sales Representative or email europe@pipedreamproducts.com.