Pipedream’s Dicky Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are all the rage and Pipedream has taken advantage of the trend with the Bachelorette Party Favors Dicky Selfie Stick. These days, you just can’t have a party without posting instant evidence on social media, and the Dicky Selfie Stick makes it easier than ever to get the perfect angle with a 40” extension rod. No batteries, Bluetooth, or WiFi is needed – just plug the Dicky Selfie Stick into the headphone jack of your phone and your image is instantly snapped and saved with a simple click of a button on the hilarious Dicky handle. “The Dicky Selfie Stick is a must-have for every retail environment,” said Sales Executive Mona Madrigal. “There is no denying the prominence of the selfie stick in today’s culture. Distributors and retailers must act fast and buy now in order to benefit from this sure-fire hit.”