pjur extends anal lubricant range

This autumn, pjur will extend its BACK DOOR Range: BACK DOOR Regenerating with regenerating panthenol and camomile for extra care. With so many reports about anal sex as a trend, it’s clear that anal play has now reached the mainstream. And with so many variants and ways of experimenting, there really is something for everyone willing to embark on this adventure. Following the trend towards the increased use of anal toys, the new personal lubricant is water-based and can be used with any sex toy.

pjur BACK DOOR products are ideal for intense anal sex. They offer experts and lovers of anal a choice of premium products for safe anal sex. In autumn, pjur will be adding a new product to its range of successful personal lubricants: pjur BACK DOOR Regenerating.

pjur BACK DOOR Regenerating is the latest addition to the successful BACK DOOR portfolio. It reflects the trend towards the increased use of anal toys. The water-based personal lubricant is compatible with all toys and also contains the nurturing ingredients panthenol and camomile. pjur BACK DOOR Regenerating Anal Glide delivers long-lasting lubrication, which makes it particularly suitable for dealing with intense sensations during anal sex.

Panthenol has a moisturising effect, it enhances the skin’s elasticity and protects irritated skin. The panthenol in this product promotes new cell growth and regenerates stressed mucous membranes.

Camomile cares for and soothes sensitive skin in the intimate area. When planning for anal play, personal lubricants with nurturing ingredients are particularly important, because there is no natural lubrication in the creating small cushions of water that boost lubrication during anal intercourse without leaving the skin feeling sticky. Water-based anal personal lubricants are absorbed into the upper layers of skin, which leaves the skin feeling smooth. Water-based anal personal lubricants also give users more choice when it comes sex toys as they are compatible with all sex toys (for example anal plugs, anal vibrators and butt plugs).

pjur BACK DOOR Relaxing is a silicone-based anal personal lubricant for intense anal sex for men and women. It contains jojoba, which relaxes the anal muscle, as well as high-grade silicone for extra-long-lasting lubrication. The soothing, nurturing properties of jojoba can relax the anal muscle and make the skin noticeably soft and smooth.