pjur launches pjur AQUA Panthenol

This autumn, pjur launches pjur AQUA Panthenol, a water-based personal lubricant with nourishing panthenol. A must for customers who enjoy using pjur AQUA, but long for some variety without missing out on pjur’s high quality standards.

pjur AQUA Panthenol is the latest addition to the successful pjur AQUA portfolio. It reflects the trend towards the increased use of personal lubricants with nourishing ingredients. The new water-based personal lubricant is enriched with panthenol and offers amazing lubrication.

pjur AQUA Panthenol is targeted at consumers who prefer water-based personal lubricants due to the more natural texture and who are looking for high quality products with moisturising ingredients. The water-based lubricant with panthenol can be used for masturbation, sex and is compatible with sex toys.

Panthenol is a common ingredient in skin care products. It has a moisturising effect; it enhances the skin’s elasticity and protects irritated skin. The panthenol in this product promotes new cell growth and regenerates stressed mucous membranes.

The new pjur AQUA Panthenol is already certified compliant with the new international quality management standard for medical devices ISO 13485:2016 and thus can be marketed as Class IIa medical device. The aim of the new directive is, on the one hand, to guarantee the quality and safety of medical devices and, on the other hand, to place focus on product safety and protect users from risks. The pjur group has been a certified manufacturer of medical devices in line with the new ISO standard 13485:2016 since June 2019 and is transitioning all of its personal lubricants to Class IIa devices by May 2020.