pjur men products

pjur launches three new products for men

The pjur group has introduced three new products targeted at men to the market. “With pjur MAN STEEL Gel, pjur MAN XTEND Cream and pjur superhero STRONG performance spray, the company offers even more enjoyment for all those looking for an extra dose of manliness,” the company said about their latest innovations.

  • pjur MAN XTEND Cream contains a new combination of ginkgo and ginseng extracts and provides special skin care for men. Regularly using and massaging with pjur MAN XTEND Cream can benefit circulation.
  • pjur MAN STEEL Gel is a gel designed to be intensively massaged in. The paprika extract contained in the product can intensify stimulation and provide for especially exciting lovemaking.
  • pjur superhero STRONG performance spray is an intimate care product designed for prolonged enjoyment for men. The optimized formula contains a higher concentration of ingredients than previous pjur superhero sprays and is also enriched with ginger. Ginger extracts can stimulate and reduce oversensitivity of the skin.

pjur is also providing POS materials to help draw attention to these new products both in shops and online. These materials include flyers, counter top displays, banners and product videos.