Pleasure brand Biird launches new 2-in-1suction toy

Dutch pleasure product manufacturer Biird has just launched its latest product Namii. As a 2-in-1 product, Namii combines suction and vibration to create an orgasmic pleasure blend. Known for mixing award winning design with out of this world pleasure, Biird continues to raise the bar with Namii.

Crafted out of ultra-squishy silicone, Namii comes with 5 suction modes and 5 deep and rumbly vibration patterns which can be used simultaneously or separately.

“Namii is designed to feel great in hand but its revolutionary shape also allows for true hands free use” says Biird co-founder Andrea Rey. “You can just place it in between your thighs and let Namii do the rest. Using Namii hands free really adds an extra dimension. We’ve also added ribs on the vibration side which allow you to explore your body with.”

“Namii is available in 3 colors, Lilac, Peach and the special edition Mint Green. This special edition was created in collaboration with French best-selling author Jüne Plã who built a following of 1 Million on Instagram through her pleasure positive account Jouissance Club. We’ve added all kinds of custom Jouissance Club goodies to the special edition, including a necklace, a bookmark, a custom art print and much more!”

Rey added, “We couldn’t be happier with how the public has received Namii. People just love the design and the way we collaborated with Jouissance Club.”