plusOne adds new products to the line up

Last fall, sexual wellness brand plusOne released the first line of premium vibrators to be carried in store at traditional brick and mortar retailers in the USA. One year later, that line is expanding to include even more products, with a mini massager and air pulsing arouser hitting shelves this fall, offering novel new sensations at the same affordable price plusOne has always offered.

With a compact form capable of fitting into the palm of your hand, the mini massager offers a discreet experience that’s perfectly shaped to conform to your body’s curves. The air pulsing arouser is even more innovative: instead of vibration, the product stimulates through gentle puffs of air, offering users a wholly different experience of pleasure.

“Vibrators aren’t the only way people can experience sexual pleasure,” says plusOne spokesperson Stephanie Trachtenberg. “We’re pleased to be able to offer our customers an introduction to air pressure stimulation, which offers a unique sensation that even sex toy experts are blown away by.”

In addition, plusOne has also expanded into self-care, with a personal lubricant and cleaning wipes that pair perfectly with the rest of the plusOne line.