RCC Wholesale launches RED STALLION for male sexual health

This new supplement contains a blend of testosterone-boosting ingredients including L-arginine and magnesium, libido enhancer maca, and pro-erectile nutrients L-selenomethionine and zinc. 

“Red Stallion is already the leading male enhancement supplement of 2018. Within only a few weeks of its release, Red Stallion gained the trust of its customers through word-of-mouth advertising. Now, Red Stallion is one of the top-selling brands of the year and it shows no signs of letting up,” RCC says in a press release.

According to the manufacturer, it out-sold out-sold comparable male enhancement supplements in only 6 months and alone has managed to rise above and beyond other manufacturers’ similar products and has quickly become one of the www.rcc-wholesale.com top sellers.

A team of experts was put together to understand the challenges that men face when trying to choose a suitable solution for sexual health issues. By doing so the manufacturers of Red Stallion were able to develop this product to help combat those challenges, making it easier for men to regain lost confidence in the bedroom. RCC takes pride in the fact that they are committed to developing high-quality male enhancement solutions for men everywhere. Like the other products in the RCC family, Red Stallion is available in a range of box sizes, in a red, eye catching box design and is sure to attract customers to return again and again.

Red Stallion is designed to work in five ways to help men with enhancement issues: enhancing performance, increase in libido, longer lasting orgasms, hard erections and a surge in sex stamina.

RCC is aware that todays market is full of enhancement supplements and is so confident in the Red Stallion product that they are offering a free bonus worth €200! All you have to do is ring in for a no obligation chat with the sales team.

Contact: Lesley Kavanagh
Email: trade@rcc-wholesale.com