Shots releases new RealRock dildos

The RealRock brand has a large range of realistic dildos which are designed to look and feel real. The new release is mainly putting its focus on those who like it a little bit “rougher”. Even the tiniest dildo in this new line-up measures 12 inch and they go up all the way to 15,5 inch. There are also the new Fist- or Hand-shaped dildos featuring realistic fingers and knuckles.

All these products are being created out of high-quality rubber, which gives them a firm feel. As a signature feature for all RealRock products they all come with a suction cup at the bottom, which will stick to nearly any surface. The packaging of this line-up is slightly different than the other RealRock products as they all come in clamshells. These huge dildos only come in a non-vibrating version in the colors Skin and Black.

RealRock is also coming with an upgraded version of the first release, adding translucent versions of both the vibrating and non-vibrating designs. These translucent designs come in the same packaging as the original Skin and Black versions but with a different (grey) color.