“Rechargeable Vibes” from You2Toys now available at ORION Wholesale

Four new colourful and rechargeable vibrators have been added to ORION Wholesale’s extensive You2Toys assortment.

The bright pink “Rechargeable Big Vibe” (item number 05908430000) made out of PVC is an impressive 25.5 cm long and has a bulging diameter of 5.2 cm at its thickest part. Its 2 motors, which each have 10 modes, can be controlled separately – there are therefore 100 different options available that can be combined with the very powerful vibrations.

The fiery red “Rechargeable Big Vibe” (item number 05908510000) is 23.5 cm long and has a diameter of 5.2 cm. It is slightly smaller and a different shape to the pink vibrator but this doesn’t mean that it’s less effective – it also has 100 different kinds of vibrations.

The “Rechargeable G-spot Vibe” (item number 05901340000) is made out of skin-friendly silicone and can’t wait to thoroughly stimulate hidden pleasure spots – its special flexible shape makes it perfect for this. The shaft is slightly tapered just underneath the large, slightly curved tip. This tip will be able to catapult the G-spot into ecstasy because this is where one of the vibrator’s motors is hidden – the second motor is in the shaft. Each motor has 10 modes and this means that there are also 100 different kinds of vibrations available.

And last but not least, the purple “Rechargeable Rabbit Vibe” (item number 05901420000) made out of silicone is the perfect companion for stimulating the intimate pleasure zones in an arousing way. This is because it can pleasure the vagina and clitoris simultaneously with its two motors that can be controlled separately.

All four Rechargeable Vibes from You2Toys have a memory function that works until the vibrator needs charging again. The memory function means that the last vibration type that was used before the vibrator was turned off, will start again when it is turned on again – the fun really can carry on where it left off.

The new “Rechargeable Vibes” from You2Toys are delivered in high-quality packaging with a description of the product in various languages.