Rock Candy now shipping new Bling Pop Gummy Rings

Rock Candy Toys is now shipping the Bling Pop and Gummy Rings, two new erection enhancers included alongside the company’s latest product releases.

The Bling Pop is a diamond-shaped, single-speed vibrating c-ring that resembles a classic hard candy silhouette. Rock Candy’s design team engineered the high-powered ring with a thicker density to ensure that it maintains an upright position while being worn. Connected to the vibrating diamond is a thick, donut-shaped band that accommodates most penis sizes when worn around the shaft and/or the testicles. While the ring was designed for clitoral stimulation and perineum massage, it easily wraps around the finger and can be used as a wireless, gender-friendly external vibrator.

Sold in a two-pack, the non-vibrating Gummy Rings are made from thick, supple TPE and are discreetly branded with ‘Rock Candy’ on the outer surface. Stretchy enough to provide a comfortable fit while restricting blood flow around the shaft, Gummy Rings are ideal for those who desire firmer, longer erections during masturbation, foreplay or partner sex.

Both the Bling Pop and Gummy Rings are available in Blue, Pink, Purple and Red.

“Bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to sex, it usually is,” said Lewis Adams, VP of Sales. “The Bling Pop is the largest vibrating c-ring available and it really hits the right spots. You’ll be guaranteed to make your partner smile when you bring them bling. The Gummy Rings are so soft and stretchy that you’ll want to wear one all day long. The packaging is hypnotically colorful, and these rings are priced to move.”

In addition to new ring styles, the new-and-improved Gummy Collection introduced more retail-efficient carded packaging, incorporating vibrant jewel tones and Rock Candy’s distinct branding elements.

Rock Candy will be debuting their new collection alongside sister company Bedroom Products at the Sex Expo this weekend, taking place Saturday and Sunday at the Brooklyn Expo Center.