Rocks Off launches new affordable SWB range SugarBoo

“SugarBoo is great range designed to fit in with current trends for products that niche with SWB, wellness and mainstream markets as well as delivering great price points to our customers and the destination end user,” says Rocks Off Sales Director Sham Galoria. “Within the range there are some inventory heroes with stunning versions of the 10 function RO 90 and 140’s but we’ve given them beautiful finishes that really encourages engagement to touch and play. The packaging has also had a lot of thought and time put into it as we wanted the products to reach out to all markets and demographics.The last 2 years have been challenging on a number of levels that not any of us would have ever predicted and with the ongoing global rise in the cost of living, we wanted to bring products that would deliver on a number of levels to not only encourage and promote mental, and sexual prosperity but also be competitively priced without cutting back on presentation and enjoyment levels.”

In total SugarBoo will offer 18 skus of both battery and rechargeable products from bullets up to vibrating C spot suction toys, all beautifully packed in a range of vibrant and soft easy on the eye pastels colourways, making this range an absolute winner.