Rocks Off launches new sexual wellbeing range NIYA

We’ve been working on the NIYA range for over two years as we wanted to make sure it tickled all the SWB (sexual wellbeing) boxes, and we passionately believe the development team have produced an exciting and exceptional range. The products have been beautifully and individually crafted so they invite intimate shared time to stimulate and engage the senses, so it was especially important that each product appealed in both how they look, feel and function,” said Sales Director Sham Galoria.

Each of the products are age, gender and sexual orientation inclusive to promote physical, mental, and sexual prosperity which we believe are vital components to the range choice and ultimately the overall experience to the user destination”

“As a brand we have been creating personal and intimate care products for over 18 years and we feel that NIYA offers fantastic potential for the SWB and mainstream markets.”

“We’ve taken great care with the sustainable packaging materials and presentation, so it attracts and fits comfortably on the shelf, whilst still providing an easy to navigate and enjoyable un- boxing for the end user which is all part of the enjoyment experience,” Sam continued.

There are six products all offering different and multiple enjoyment options for both couple’s and solo pleasure time.