Ignition by Rocks Off in Gun Metal Color

Rocks-Off release Ignition in gunmetal

Rocks-Off have released Ignition in gunmetal, their USB rechargeable bullet. Andrea Duffy, International Sales Director at Rocks-Off, said: “Ignition in gunmetal satisfies those looking for a powerful bullet with a darker look at a competitive price-point. It has 10 powerful functions, a tapered tip for precision stimulation, and its smooth metallic finish is soft on your skin. What’s more, it is 100% waterproof for underwater fun and beautifully packaged in our signature branding.”

Rocks-Off recently released the next generation of their boys prostate and perineum massager range which is powered by Ignition in gunmetal. “Customers have demanded the Ignition in gunmetal since it was released in our Intense range so we couldn’t refuse.” Andrea added: “The Ignition has received so many 5-star reviews and it has given us exceptional sales. What more could we ask for?”