Bamboo Gold

Rocks-Off release Special Edition Gold/Noir Bamboo Bullet

UK Manufacturer Rocks-Off announced the release of a Special Edition of their Bamboo Bullet. The new ‘Gold/Noir’ Bamboo bullet has a black body and a rose gold cap, which quite resembles the iconic ‘Chanel Lipstick case’ that so many women love and recognize. The Bamboo Gold/Noir is available now.

“The elegant shape and compact size of the Bamboo in this colour scheme makes it very easy for the consumer to conceal its true identity” says Sales Director Andrea Duffy. “It can be discreetly kept in a handbag or on a dressing table and no one would know that it isn’t your favourite lipstick. With its 10 function, ultra powerful motor and completely waterproof design that we at Rocks-Off are known for, the Bamboo Bullet in its four original colours has already become a best seller in just a short period of time. We’re sure that this new Special Edition Colour will be a big hit!”