Rocks Off’s Wildboy and Ignition available at Eropartner Distribution

Eropartner Distribution is now offering Rocks Off’s newest products: Wildboy, a product designed for men and a USB rechargeable ten-speed bullet, Ignition.

Wildboy is the newest addition to Rocks Off’s assortment of massagers for men. With its firm sensual lines and edges, Wildboy is shaped to deliver sensations to the P-spot and perineum, while leaving the hands free to explore. Wildboy is powered by a removable 7 speed RO-80 mm bullet, comes with batteries included and is 100% waterproof.

Ignition is designed to be used on its own, but can also be paired up with the existing RO 80 bulleted products, for both male and female. Ignition is powerful, streamlined and USB-rechargeable.

“It is great to see the extra functionalities of the newest Rocks Off products. If your customers like the Rocks Off bullets, they will love Ignition. The vibrations are, as can be expected from Rocks Off, powerful, but Ignition is rechargeable, which means your customers will never run out batteries again”, explains Elcke Wieffering, Head of Purchasing at Eropartner Distribution. “While Rockboy is sure to become the new favorite of the Rude Boy fans, and everyone looking for the perfect P-spot massage”.