ROOSTER – Velv’Or is getting men into a new comfort zone

Velv’Or has recently launched a new collection of penis/cock rings named ROOSTER. The ROOSTERs are a range of silicone penis/cock rings ideal to get all men new to penis/cock rings into a new comfort zone and all advanced penis/cock rings user into a zone they always wanted to be in. The ROOSTERs are created to be used in company or alone.

Velv’Or used two types of platinum silicone; soft and hard to give the member of its League Of EnRinged Gentlemen even more stimulation to collect them all. The ROOSTERs are available in black, brown and metallic red.

Until now the feedback of fans of Velv’Or as well as many pleasure industry professionals has been stunning, Jelle Plantenga, mastermind of Velv’Or says. Velv’Or is looking forward EnRinging many men with this cool collection. And for this reason Velv’Or says to all retailers and distributors ‘your help is highly appreciated to accomplish this’.

For the online sales of the ROOSTERs Velv’Or created stunning images. Jelle is firmly convinced that these new penis/cock rings will jump of the shelves and screens. 

For all retailers that are interested in stocking these new ROOSTERs please head over to All distributors please email Jelle at