Royal Gems: a New generation of bullet vibrators

A bullet vibrator is probably the standard equipment of any sex toy owner. It’s accessible, making it an excellent sex toy for first time users. Next to this, it’s easy to put in a bag so you can take it with you when you travel. For the latter, it’s often designed in such ways, you won’t see that it actually is a vibrator. We all recall the lipstick bullet vibrator or the simple, quite literal, silver bullet. 

SHOTS wanted to give the, maybe even a bit underrated, bullet vibrator some extra attention. That’s why they came up with Royal Gems. A gorgeous line of thirteen different bullet vibrators that come in three different colours each. What makes this bullet vibrator so special is the luxurious look. The bottom is designed in an Arabic pattern, bedazzled with diamonds. This same pattern is used on the packaging, so the classy appearance will shine through your shop as well. 

But the biggest plus if this bullet vibrator is probably not the exterior, but what’s inside. Because all Royal Gems are rechargeable! The motor is powerful with ten speeds and goes a long way. But even the best motors need some recharging. With this one, you don’t need a whole supply of batteries, just put in your socket, and you’re ready to go again! This adds up to the wealthy look and feel. Hence the name Royal Gems: a regal look that will definitely bring you a royal climax. Nevertheless, you don’t need to be a wealthy heir to buy these bullet vibrators. All Royal Gems have affordable prices!