S8 puts your safety first with the Hygiene Collection

Safety and health are everyone’s main priority at the moment, which is why S8 Hygiene is the collection every retailer needs. This range of hygiene essentials covers the most important basics to help keep the store a safe, germ-free environment. Included in the collection are two types of mouth masks/face masks, a high-quality disinfecting hand sanitizer, a disinfecting surface cleaner spray, and a POS display column compatible with the hand sanitizer that creates an instant disinfecting station for your customers and employees in-store.

S8 Hygiene Disinfecting Handgel – The S8 Hygiene Disinfecting Handgel is a high-quality disinfectant that contains 70% alcohol, whilst also being gentle on the skin. The gel comes packaged in a 500ml packaging with an easy-to-use hand pump. This product is ideal for in-store placement and gives employees and customers the chance to sanitize their hands properly, before touching products or surfaces. 

S8 Hygiene POS Column Handgel – To help maximize in-store hygiene, S8 has developed a special POS Column to display/place the above-mentioned S8 Difinfecting Handgel in the store. The large display column can be placed next to the store’s entry, at the cash register, or anywhere where it catches the eye. The column is designed to securely hold one 500ml bottle of hand gel and provides an instant hand sanitizing station to fight germs and bacteria. The POS Handgel Column is available to SCALA customers free-of-charge. contact your SCALA Account Manager or the SCALA sales team for the terms and conditions on how to receive this handy POS column for free! 

S8 Hygiene Mouth Masks/Face Masks – Many countries in Europe (and beyond) have made mouth masks a mandatory precaution for everyday public life. As countries begin to ease out of their lockdowns, wearing a mouth mask in public places may prevent a further spread of the virus. As quality mouth masks are in high-demand and often sold-out at regular pharmacies, S8 Hygiene decided to include two mouth masks/face masks in its collection. The S8 Hygiene range includes two types of mouth masks: a single-layer basic masks and a 3-layer premium mask. Both masks are intended for one-time-use and come packaged in a 50-piece box. Retailers can distribute the masks amongst their employees, offer them to their customers upon store entry, or even use them for personal usage and travel. The S8 mouth masks are made of quality materials and are comfortable to wear and provide a ready-made alternative to DIY-face masks in times of COVID-19. 

S8 Disinfecting Surface Cleaner – The S8 Disinfecting Surface Cleaner is a multifunctional disinfectant to make the cleaning process easy and swift. This alcohol-based disinfecting sanitizer can be used on a variety of surfaces in stores, such as door handles, cash registers, product counters, and other displays. The formula can also be used to clean toy testers, keeping them clean and properly sanitized. This high-quality surface spray is proven effective to kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria (except micro bacteria and bacterial spores) and is a fantastic addition to the cleaning routine. The surface cleaner comes in a handy 150ml spray bottle, which is easy to handle and use – even in cramped or small corners and spaces.

Where to buy S8 Hygiene – The health-centered S8 Hygiene collection is now exclusively available via SCALA. The entire collection currently has excellent stock availability. Do note that SCALA predicts the collection to be in high-demand, so retailers should stock up on their favorites soon – as they have the potential to sell out quickly. The S8 Hygiene collection makes the health of employees and customers a priority, whilst enabling safe retail to keep the pleasure going.