Safe travels with Cobeco FEMALE

The Cobeco FEMALE range is mostly known for to contain products that are altered to a woman’s need, both in look and feel. As this range already contained a Shine toy cleaner and an Anal Relax lubricant especially designed for women, the addition of the new products where only more than logic and fit in the range as a sexy glove. 

The first addition to the FEMALE range is the FEMALE Vibe me up duo set 60ml, which consists of a small silver clitoris vibrator which is easy to use and a complementary Hybrid 2 in 1 water based lubricant. The Hybrid 2-in1 lubricant has properties of a silicone lubricant, but is based on water. The lubricant does not affect the vibrator, but ensures an long smooth session. This set is suitable for everyone because it can be used perfectly for solo fun, but it is also great to use as a foreplay for couples. 

Next to this great duo set, Cobeco also added a FEMALE Cobeco Monoi Lubricant. This sexy lubricant, with the seductive scent of monoi will give partners the idea your making love on a tropical island, surrounded by white beaches and waving palm trees. 

Monoi oil finds it origin in Polynesia, where it is used for centuries as a sacred oil for different medicinal, cosmetics and religious purposes. The oil is produced by placing the flower potion of the tiare flowers in refined coconut oil for a minimum of 15 days, this process called “enfleurage” (flower soaking). The oil has soothing and protective qualities for the skin and leaves your skin feeling hydrating. 

The FEMALE Cobeco Monoi Lubricant will bring you all you need for an intimate evening, including a great scent. The formula is completely water based and will therefore not harm any toys. The lubricant is hydrating for the skin and is suitable to use for body massages, sexual intercourse and is safe for use in combination with latex condoms. The bottle is equipped with a handy pump, which makes distributing the product with the use of only one hand super easy.