Screaming O launches the Affordable Rechargeable scoop Vibe

Sex toy company Screaming O released the new Affordable Rechargeable scoop Vibe. Many competing vibrators have rigid surfaces, or feature secondary arms that jut out at incompatible angles, making the products uncomfortable for some users’ bodies. The contoured shape of the new Screaming O massager is designed with a wide scoop-shaped tip that cups your curves, vibrating over a wider surface area to heighten the sensation without discomfort.

“The team at Screaming O knows that every body is different, and we’re proud to offer a range of products that increase pleasure for everybody,” Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “What makes the scoop so adaptable is the unique shape of the flexible material, which creates more contact between the toy and your tingly parts!”

Powered by the 20 function Positive motor, the scoop Vibe provides 60+ minutes of vibration on a single charge, and thanks to its modern Lithium Polymer battery, it safely recharges without leaking, overheating or overcharging. Manufactured with True Silicone that is verified safe by an independent laboratory, the scoop Vibe is covered by a 2-year limited warranty.