Green Vibrator with Purple Vibrator and cable

Screaming O equips Charged vibes with safer battery

Screaming O has equipped its entire Charged line with a Lithium-ion Polymer (Li-poly) rechargeable battery. This alternative to traditional battery choices was proven to offer more reliable power in a secure package that fits into Charged’s compact shapes. Li-poly batteries contain a gel core, a trait that allows Li-poly batteries to be as thin as a credit card and more resistant to leaks and overheating – a safety hazard that made headlines with products powered by Lithium Ion batteries.

“The final choice was clear: evidence showed that a Li-poly battery would benefit consumers the most with its safety and dependability,” Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “In addition to our custom-built rumbling Vooom vibration technology, Charged stands out from the competition because of its attention to important details like these. Because not all rechargeable batteries are created equal, and Screaming O made sure to select the superior option.”

Charged is a complete line of rechargeable mini vibes and vibrating rings capstoned by the Charged Positive, a larger bullet-shaped massager that features the most powerful motor ever to come from Screaming O. Charged is 100% waterproof, features a 2-year warranty, and features a cohesive, fully merchandised display supported by free custom graphics and signage.

“We were careful about the elements we chose to give the ‘Screaming O Treatment’ because we wanted to make an impact that also benefitted our customers’ bottom lines,” Conde said. “Rumbling vibration plus safer, hassle-free charging – with the bonus of affordable price points – equals happy customers all around!”