Screaming O FingO Tips

Screaming O introduces ColorPoP FingO Tips

Screaming O has introduced ColorPoP FingO Tips, new versions of its mini vibes now available in bright neon shades. As part of the ColorPoP collection, ColorPoP FingO Tips are among the tiniest mini vibes on the market with a portable, discreet and 100% body-safe design that fits on the tippy tip of any finger. ColorPoP FingO Tips are powered by a micro motor that packs 13,500 RPMs into a compact shape that makes it easy to stimulate every external erogenous zone on the body. Turning any finger into a mini vibe, ColorPoP FingO Tips stay put on the tip of any finger thanks to a stretchy strap and turn on and off with a switch.

ColorPoP FingO Tips are available in neon blue, neon green, and hot pink and come packaged in colorful foil packets. Candy bowls and POP displays are also available for grab-n-go purchases. ColorPoP FingO Tips are made of soft and flexible SEBS, a stretchy sex toy material that has been independently lab tested for purity, quality and body-safety. Screaming O’s clear SEBS has been proven non-toxic, high-quality and 100% safe for use on and around intimate areas and delicate skin.

“FingO Tips remain one of our best-selling mini vibes because of their user-friendly design, discreet size, and affordable price point – perfect for beginners and impulse buyers,” The Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “We decided to introduce ColorPoP versions to keep the neon trend going strong with fresh and modern options that appeal to everyone. And the best part is there’s no one way to enjoy ColorPoP FingO Tips, which makes them the most versatile teeny tiny mini vibes available.”