Screaming O OMEGO Cock ring

Screaming O introduces OMEGO Vibrating Ring

Screaming O has introduced a new cock ring design with the OMEGO, a 100% True Silicone vibrating ring equipped with two rings. The OMEGO’s isolation design includes two interconnected rings that offer a secure fit – simply stretch the inner ring around the penis and the outer ring around both the penis and testicles. And at the tip of the OMEGO’s motor is a control loop that lets users adjust the position of the vertical vibrator.

The OMEGO is made of  waterproof True Silicone, which has been lab-tested to ensure a quality, body-safe experience. This cock ring is available in Black, Blue and Merlot colors.

“The OMEGO is the latest fun and functional cock ring to come from the trusted Screaming O brand, which has become known for making body-safe sex toys fun and affordable,” Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said. “The OMEGO vibrating cock ring combines the reliable luxury of silicone with the intense isolation design of a dual ring – a next-level sensation for even the most seasoned cock ring fan. And customers appreciate its multi-faceted design and affordable price point, which makes the OMEGO accessible to more shoppers and gives retailers an opportunity to expand their selection with something special.