Lovely Penisring on a table with smartphone

Self-learning sex toy Lovely now ready for pre-order

Lovely is a wearable sex toy for couples that learns what a given couple likes in bed and suggests simple tips through the Lovely App on how to have an even better sex next time. Using a Lovely enhances the quality and diversity in a couple’s sex life thanks to the unmatched wealth of knowledge and innovation put into Lovely & the Lovely App. Lovely provides additional clitoral stimulation thanks to its vibrations and enhances erections by slowing blood circulation inside of the man’s erectile tissue. After two years of development Lovely is currently available for limited pre-order at Retailers can inquiry for samples at Lovely retails for $169.

“Lovely is the first smart and wearable sex toy designed to help couples have an even better sex life. Designed to be worn by a man, it contains sensors that measure important characteristics of sex and combine them with the couple’s feedback and desires”, explains Jacob Konik, CEO and Founder of Lovely. “Basically, Lovely learns and understands what you and your partner enjoy in bed, and gives you suggestions on how to enjoy each other even more,” adds Jacob. With Lovely, couples could enhance their sex lives just by using it, without a need to look for inspiration or advice on the internet or from TV, books or elsewhere the company says. Futher information on how Lovely functions can be found on the company’s website.