SelfDelve expands the Garden of Eden collection

The German dildo manufacturer SelfDelve has released three new products. The “Garden of Eden” collection has been extended with two new toys: an asparagus and a delicate corn. According to the company, many of its customers have long desired an asparagus dildo, for his phallus-like shape. On an organic farm in Austria, the company found a appealing template with 3.5cm diameter and 23cm length. The “Big Green” has a clearly structured head and the leaves on the stem provide a unique texture.

A bestseller in SelfDelve assortment is the corn cob. For many women, 5cm diameter of the original were quite a challenge, so that there is now a smaller variant of the maize dildos. The new version is 20cm long, 4cm thick and more conical. Refreshingly colorful is the new dildo series “INANNA”. It is available in the colors petrol, purple, pink and plum as well as different neon colors. A bit more glamorous are the colors “Fresh Ocean” and “Indian Summer”, which are made with sparkling particles. Furthermore, the company has decided to provide all products with barcodes and EAN codes, due to increased logistical challenges