MYHIXEL launches world’s first AI sex tech device and app to help climax control

MYHIXEL has developed its most innovative solution for ejaculation control, MYHIXEL Control, with a unique and revolutionary scientific methodology developed by sexual health experts. The solution (which includes the device with app) launched this week, is an updated version of its original MYHIXEL MED and MYHIXEL TR solutions, making it the most advanced solution on the market for improving ejaculation control. It adapts to the needs of the user, incorporating new technological functions, offering a unique experience to improve male intimate well-being. MYHIXEL Founder Patricia López says: “Because we know that sex is important, MYHIXEL’s goal is to care for men’s health by offering a revolutionary solution to help men improve their sexual wellbeing through climax control.

How MYHIXEL Control works

MYHIXEL Control combines the MYHIXEL Play app with the unique MYHIXEL II stimulation device. Thanks to the artificial intelligence of the MYHIXEL Play app, the program adapts the steps to give the user a personalized experience.Cybersecurity is also paramount, which is why the data housed in the app will be encrypted, protecting the user’s information as always, as it is anonymized and completely secured. This application guides the user while performing the different activities designed to improve ejaculatory control, which are put into practice with the innovative device. Through its gamified program, the user evolves and learns the mechanisms of his body involved in ejaculation, in order to achieve maximum control of ejaculation.

Features of the app and the device

MYHIXEL Control is the ultimate solution for ejaculation control. It applies AI to the app to provide a better user experience and improves the usability of the device.The MYHIXEL II device is the most innovative device on the market for this purpose thanks to its features, such as Bluetooth connection with the app, which sends the user’s evolution in real-time and personalizes its program. The speed and movement sensors, vibration and heating systems, two levels of suction for a perfect fit, and its soft and anatomically realistic interior are designed to mimic real penetration. Cleaning is easy too; thanks to its IPX7 waterproof system, it can be submerged up to one meter and washed comfortably. MYHIXEL Play has an intuitive, simple, and gamified interface, developed together with scientists and health specialists.  It is the first app that applies AI for ejaculatory control and is safe and anonymized. All its features include automatic data collection and monitoring thanks to the Bluetooth connection with the device, so the user can see its evolution in real-time. In addition to the program, MYHIXEL Play includes the “Weekly plan”, with weekly nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness plans created by sexual health experts. The user will have to overcome the different activities to get each of the weekly plans as a reward.