Orion Packaging Latex

Shiny outfits from LateX by ORION Wholesale in new packaging

All the new items from the Latex label LateX will be delivered in new packaging from summer 2017 onwards. The new packaging is a cardboard box that has a detailed image of the respective product on it. There is a description of the product in nine languages on it as well. Furthermore the new packaging is more environmentally friendly then the previous version. The new packaging can be stood up or hung up with the hanger in the middle. More products will now fit in the sales space because they are more compact.

“The ‘LateX’ label stands out from the rest because its high-quality latex items have fancy designs and an excellent finish that provide thrilling fetish feelings. There will be no limits to erotic fantasies, which are a bit out of the ordinary, with this range of extravagant, skin-tight outfits,” an Orion spokesperson said about the collection.