Fist It Gloves

SHOTS extends FIST IT range

An assortment of nine different, fisting-related products in SHOTS’ FIST IT line are now available. They range from an anal douche to rubber fists, silicone plugs, latex fisting shorts and fisting gloves. For extra sensitivity and pleasure, fisting gloves with texture are on sale, and an inflatable play-sheet is available with a 5 liter bottle of highly concentrated fisting-lube included in the package.

The FIST-IT lube assortment, which is produced in-house by SHOTS’ subsidiary PHARMQUESTS, is also available in a variety of five different formulas: normal water-based, extra- thick, silicone, strawberry flavour and submerge. The submerge formula stands out as it can be used under water without the lube sliding from the fist. Almost all formulas are available in a 500ml or 1000ml packaging and the FIST-IT jars are designed to be wide enough to put a fist in.

SHOTS describes the concept, marketing, packaging and POS as “rough and ready” with a dark and dangerous appearance. FIST-IT toys are in stock and available since August 2017 and the production has been raised several already to fulfil the demand. All toys can be ordered through SHOTS EUROPE and SHOTS AMERICA, or through a distributor. The FIST-IT lubes are solely available through SHOTS EUROPE.