SHOTS is expanding the VIVE range

Technology keeps evolving faster and faster and with new technologies come new sex toys! SHOTS’s design team and development team has jumped into the newest technologies to make a whole new VIVE range. 

The VIVE Aika is different from any other egg you know. It consists of two separately functioning eggs that can be controlled either from the main unit or the remote control. The egg is designed after the natural shape of the vagina. One side of the egg is for clitoral stimulation while the other ends stimulates the G-spot. Both eggs have ten different functions, leading up to 100 different combinations!

But it’s not just the design that makes this toy so special, it’s the pulse-wave technology. The pulsations make sure that you don’t stimulate the clitoris directly, which can be too sensitive and even painful. Instead of that, the surrounding tissue is stimulated and the wave is transmitted to the clitoris. The stimulation of surrounding tissue makes sure that the blood vessels are wide open, making the tissue more sensitive. And the more sensitive, the greater your orgasm will be! It’s almost the same technique as a suction toy has, but it has one big advantage: the pulsating part is closed and therefore it’s more hygienic than a suction toy which contains an ‘open mouth’. Next to this, it’s easier to clean.

But it’s not just the vibrating egg. There’s a whole new range of VIVE products that contain this pulse-wave technique. You can see them all in the VIVE brand book that can be found on the SHOTS website under ‘catalogue’. Contact your account manager for more information or go to