SHOTS is now shipping Real Rock Ultraskin

Dildos and dongs are the basics of our industry, the founding fathers of each portfolio. These basics need to be covered but with the release of the new, odorless, realisstic and price leading Real Rock Ultraskin the standards have changed, SHOTS announces.

There are many realistic dildos in the market, some expensive, some cheap but most of them have a smell to it and that’s something that bothered us a lot,” Ralf Albers, Key Account Manager at SHOTS, says. “What we wanted to bring to the market was a price competitive, ultra-realistic dildo with never seen before features like being completely odorless. And I think it is safe to say we have succeeded.”

The realistic Real Rock Ultraskin dong is being accentuated by the colored veins, detailed structure of the skin and shaft. The material used for it is PVC, as known from many other products, however SHOTS isextremely proud to say that the Real Rock Ultraskin is odorless, which is a very nice to feature to an already rocking product.

The other features are inclusivity and price point in this competitive field in which we stand out,” says Ralf Albers. “if we are talking about inclusivity let’s look at the range in which this product is displayed. It’s available in three colors, slim and curved and with and without balls.”

Now lets talk prices and product. Usually a product using the Ultraskin effect comes in a different price range, but again RealRock is all inclusive and should be available to all, not only the real rock stars,” Ralf explains. “We were able to make sure that in comparison to other brands RealRock Ultraskin is very compatible price-wise and I dare even to say better in quality.”

RealRock Ultraskin has a strong suction cup so it can be easily placed ion any hard ground and the design is also fitted for strap-ons or harnesses.

The packaging of the RealRock Ultraskin is designed for both hanging displays and shelves, a real showstopper and easy to include in your inventory. We also have multiple POS available to support the stores, all available now and ready in time for the holiday season!” Roos-Anne Bijen, Marketing Manager at SHOTS, says.