SHOTS opens up a new dimension in the world of chastity cages

MANCAGE is a brand spanking new line of male chastity cages by SHOTS. It has let many customers in awe and promises yet to be another winner for SHOTS. As usual, it all started with a massive market research, getting feedback from a variety of well-informed sources and funnelling all that knowledge into a revolutionary idea. The material, the size(s), the shape, the accessories, they all got developed with pinpoint precision and clients will recognise the absolute eye for detail.Many male chastity cages are either too small or too big. MANCAGE has overcome this problem by developing 3 different sizes, which are also size-adjustable for a comfortable fit. Every size has 2 unique models, which brings the complete range to a total of 6. The MANCAGE line is available in a black or transparent colour.

Made from bacteria repelling polycarbonate, the MANCAGE models can be worn for a longer period of time without getting uncomfortable. Research from the test team showed that the chastity cage should be worn ‘downward’ instead of ‘forward’ for a more inconspicuous look. In order to find a perfect fit for every user, the MANCAGE models are equipped with a large variety of accessories. The original lock is made of steel, but for people who want to travel, party, or anywhere else where metal-detectors are involved, the MANCAGE models come with an included plastic lock. To accentuate comfort even more, all MANCAGE models are equipped with air and urination holes. Both presentable in a closed as well as an open form, the MANCAGE packaging will stand out in the crowd. Included is a booklet with an extensive explanation of the toy and the rest of the range.

For online shops an appealing film, super sharp pictures, clear explanations, banners and catchy phrases are (online) available. MANCAGE will be available for shipping by mid-November at SHOTS-Europe as well as SHOTS-America. Retailers can make their pre-orders now at or, or contact their sales-manager.