The Sono Collection by Shots

Shots presents male brand SONO

Shots‘ brand SONO was especially designed and created for men, but could according to the company also be attractive for couples. The assortment consists of butt plugs that feature a tail as well as penis sleeves that have a butt plug attached, which feature as a perineum stimulator. For the production of this brand several materials are being used. Rubber for the butt plugs, soft silicone for the cock ring’s and comfortable and stretchy TPE for the sleeves.

The packaging has been designed to create a neutral, yet masculine look to attract the target audience in a store. All toys come in a sleek white case with projected stone elements. The packaging also features product descriptions and specifications in several languages to make sure everything is clear to the customer.

Shots has released its standard promo package. They also give retailers the opportunity to create their own personalized marketing materials in cooperation with the Shots studio department. This way a store can present or promote this brand online or in their store in their own style.