SHOTS releases new OUCH! products

To stay in fashion, that’s the principle of every brand. Whether it’s clothing, accessories, but also cars or furniture. Brands want to give the consumer what’s hot right now. The same goes for pleasure products. When it comes to bondage items, the link to fashion is even closer. And it works both ways. In today’s fashion, leather belts are seen on the runway. They’re mostly worn around the waist and are styled with flowy dresses or decent blouses. So, the sex toy industry inspires mainstream fashion but the sex toy industry also takes inspiration from the mainstream. A perfect example of this is SHOTS’s BDSM brand Ouch! In their new release, there are different lines inspired by modern day fashion.

Their first new range is ‘Halo’, named after the ring that is prominently placed in each item. You can compare these rings with the once you see on bags and belts. But now you can look fashionable while being cuffed, choked or whipped. Next to the ‘regular’ Ouch! items in ‘Halo’ style, some knew items were added to the range as well, such as a waist belt and thigh cuffs. The line comes in two gorgeous trendy colours: a beautiful burgundy and a sexy emerald.

Another material that is used very often is velvet. And we understand why! It’s soft and looks delicate, but at the same time it’s sexy and mysterious. Perfect for a sensual ‘femme fatale’, but also for Ouch! The ‘Velvet & Velcro’ line combines the naughty with the nice. A new addition to this is the adjustable handcuff with suction cup, which can also be used in the shower. 

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! We’ve known that for decades. Are you look for an even more high class look? Ouch! ‘Diamonds’ should do the trick for you. Your favourite BDSM items, now studded with diamonds. Even the paddle has two gorgeous diamond details on it, that won’t come off. Even if you use the paddle very thoroughly… 

If we can bring the bedroom to the fashion streets, why not bring fashion to the bed sheets? It’s time to show who you really are and what your style is. With or without clothes.