SHUNGA Erotic Art launches a new range of Intimate Massagers

Following 23 successful years in the adult cosmetics business, the SHUNGA brand is launching a completely new range of product : Intimate Massagers. Six different models in four colorways will be hitting the shelves across the world this month.

It took over five years from idea to product, to create a line of intimate massagers that would stand out in the market for its top-of-the-range quality and original designs. “As we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, we had to take the appropriate time to develop a range of intimate massagers that truly reflects our brand and manufacturing standards” says Sylvain Séguin, President and Designer of this new line.

The massagers were designed to meet the needs of every woman and their desires in terms of quality, ergonomics and performance. Every model is made for optimal comfort and ultimate pleasure, featuring medical grade silicone, high performance powerful motors and long lasting batteries. “The reputation of our SHUNGA cosmetic range is established worldwide thanks to the highest quality products and ingredients. That meant for us that in order to put the SHUNGA logo on a range of intimate massagers, there was no compromise to be made on the quality of the components and precision of the designs” says Séguin.

Motivated by the demands of its clientele, SHUNGA’s President designed every product himself, learning the ins and outs of industrial design along the way. Every line, texture and measures were carefully calculated and optimized for women’s pleasure : “I have redone the designs hundreds of times. Some models have had over 400 iterations. I was aiming for nothing less than perfection”, says Séguin.

In typical SHUNGA fashion, each of the six stimulators is represented by a unique pattern and named after a Geisha : OBI, AIKO, SANYA, SOYO, MIYO and ZOA. The Intimate Massagers are packaged in a beautiful magnetic box customers are sure to recognize at first sight.

SHUNGA’s goal in developing this new range of product was always to complement its assortment of best-selling intense pleasure creams and lubricants. “The team is very excited for this new launch, it comes as the perfect extension to our current line of products. We are very eager to show the world the versatility and power of these toys and most importantly how well they pair with our cosmetic offering. The best combo (or trio) there ever was!” says Manon Vallée, Vice-President. For multiplied pleasure, the TOKO Aqua lubricant, Secret Garden clitoral gel and Rain of Love G-Spot cream, are indeed among the best allies for SHUNGA’s new intimate massagers. The range includes an array of clitoral and vaginal stimulators to ensure every woman finds the bliss she deserves.

The SHUNGA Intimate Massagers are available from now on.