SHUNGA’s revamp of the collection kits

Continuing the image change which started in 2014, Shunga Erotic Art will be changing products and revamping some other collection kits to actualize its look. Shunga presented three new collection kits that will be ready this fall. The kits were officially presented in L.A. The two new Geisha’s Secret will be ready for order placing in September and February 2017 for the Carnal Pleasures collection.

“We’ve come out with a complete new small size collection, called the Geisha’s Secret,” says Linda Mclean, Sale Representative and Trainer for Shunga Erotic Art. The company will offer two new collections, Strawberry Sparkling Wine and Exotic Green Tea.

The Strawberry Sparkling Wine collection holds:

  • 0.33fl.oz Erotic massage gel, a 0.33 fl. oz of warming aphrodisiac oil
  • 1oz mini-massage candle “Romance”
  • 0.33 fl. oz of TOKO Aqua personal lubricant
  • 0.23 fl. oz of Dragon intensifying cream for couples

The Exotic Green Tea version is for “lovers that are passionate about nature”. The products are made with 100% certified organic ingredients (except the candle that hold a fragrance). The green kit contains:

  • a 0.33 fl. oz Erotic massage gel
  • 0.33 fl. oz of warming aphrodisiac oil
  • 1oz mini-massage candle “Zenitude”
  • 0.33 fl. oz of TOKO ORGANICA personal lubricant
  • 0.23 fl. oz of Lotus Noir sensitizing gel

Geisha’s Secret collection kits are designed to be sold open with the plastic cover. It opens like a book and retailers can show it easily on the shelf if left opened. It has a design tray to hold the five products in the box. “The box is so beautiful, you’ll want to keep it after to store small items like memorabilia’s or love letters,” says Jean-Pierre Hamelin, Director of Marketing

Shunga also revamped an existing collection called Carnal Pleasures. “It’s the ultimate pleasure collection!” says Manon Vallée, Vice-President. “We redesigned the packaging and changed the product selection to be more interesting”. The collection contains:

  • full size Exotic Fruits Erotic massage oil
  • full size Exotic Fruits Kissable massage cream
  • Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss
  • regular size TOKO Aqua personal lubricant
  • a Dragon Sensitive intensifying cream
  • a white pearl necklace to use with the cream massage

“This collection includes all the intimate products needed to bring sexual excitement to a new level and experience the full pleasure of carnal love” completes Mrs. Vallée. Shunga included a soft white pearl necklace in the collection to go along the massage cream or the lube. There’s an explanation flyer that gives your customers ideas on how they can use the necklace with your lover or all alone.