Simple looks, but a wealth of pleasure: Vibes of Love Classic Mini Vibes

Vibes of Love is a rather big collection in Tonga’s Dream Toys assortment with over 70 toys. Still the label is getting new arrivals every now and then, because basically you can’t have too many vibrators and the label offers high quality products for a good price. Besides, it’s easy to be charmed by the sweet colours of the new Vibes of Love Classic toys.

Two of them are mini vibes with a smooth shape made of pink and purple silicone that look simple and straightforward. Despite their simple appearance they offer a wealth of pleasure because with a single button the user can operate 3 pulsating rhythms, 1 escalating rhythm and 3 vibrations. 

The two slightly bigger vibrators are straight too and those have a penis shape with a noticeable glans and distinct veinson the shaft. They also come in purple and pink and offer the same single button ease of use and the same variation in stimulation: vibration, pulsation and escalation, which means the toy has a boost function to switch the stimulation to the highest gear immediately with a simple push of the button. 

All four of them are battery operated and splash proof so cleaning up is easy. With these classic mini vibrators the Vibes of Love label offers even more options for everybody and Tonga is happy to include them in their popular range of love toys.